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Ray Borley Dunkley LLP

Civil and Commercial Litigation

Ray Borley Dunkley LLP pride themselves on their highly experienced litigation team which has, over the years, represented businesses and individuals in a variety of civil and commercial litigation issues. In dealing with commercial issues, our team have represented companies and individuals in company commercial disputes - breach of directors obligations, Partnership issues, Commercial Contractual disputes and Banking/Winding up issues.

In relation to civil litigation, we have handled a whole range of matters from sale of goods cases, hire purchase disputes through to debt and contractual disputes (to include building/construction, other breach of contract and boundary disputes).

We also specialise in Tenancy Possesion Proceedings, acting for both landlords and tenants.

Our underlying aim, in keeping with the current ethos of negotiated settlements by way of negotiation/mediation is to assist the parties in resolving issues by negotiation to a mutually satisfactory conclusion. If this is not possible, the matter is then progressed through the Courts - in the most appropriate, cost effective and commercially viable manner.

Please contact our head of litigation Darshana Jagatia.

Contentious Probate

We handle contentious probate cases which are sadly becoming common as a result of various factors. Our team pride ourselves in securing successful outcomes for our clients, often at a very difficult time, following the passing of a loved one. We also handle claims under the Inheritance Act where adequate provision has not been made for a party who considers themselves a dependant or has, for some reason, not been included as a beneficiary in a Will. In particular, these cases often stem from long term cohabitational relationships where a Will may not have been made or a person has failed to make adequate or indeed any provision for a partner.

Please contact Darshana Jagatia or Sandra Miscampbell.

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